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75 home resolutions you can make for 2014

Posted December 31 2013, 9:15 AM PST by Tara Sharp



Add your home to your list of New Year’s resolutions with some of these helpful tips:


  1. Familiarize yourself with the home-buying process
  2. Learn about the tax benefits that come along with your home purchase
  3. Check your credit ratings
  4. Increase your savings for down payment
  5. Decide how much you need for a down payment
  6. Get pre-approved for a mortgage
  7. Decide how much you can spend on a home
  8. Start your home search online
  9. Find an architectural style for your dream home
  10. Search for home with your commute in mind
  11. Consider downsizing to condo
  12. Learn the difference between a condo and a town home
  13. Consider purchasing an investment property
  14. Choose the right home for your family
  15. Consider a short sale
  16. Is a foreclosure right for you?
  17. Decide if you want an older home or new construction
  18. Create a moving plan
  19. Keep new home costs low
  20. Choose a mortgage
  21. Consider buying with cash?
  22. Ask your loan officer these important questions
  23. Avoid common mistakes
  24. Win a bidding war
  25. Perform a mini pre-inspection while touring homes


  1. Decide if your should sell or remodel your home
  2. Make sure you are ready to sell your home
  3. Choose your next home with a shorter commute
  4. Learn more about what a seller’s market means for you
  5. Familiarize yourself with the home-selling process
  6. Avoid common mistakes
  7. Estimate your home’s value
  8. Make improvements to increase your home’s value
  9. More tips on adding value to your home
  10. Consider selling before spring
  11. Get your home ready for sale
  12. Find a selling agent you trust
  13. Schedule a home inspection
  14. Increase your home’s curb appeal
  15. Price your home to sell
  16. How to prepare your home for open houses
  17. Learn the home staging basics
  18. Where to store your stuff while showing your home
  19. Feng Shui tips for preparing your home to sell
  20. Protect your pets while showing your home
  21. Get professional photos for your home listing
  22. Buy your next home while selling your current home?
  23. In a hurry? Sell your home quickly
  24. Help your parents make transitional housing choices
  25. Relocating? Get help from a professional

Home improvements:

  1. Make your house a home
  2. Get the best return on your investment for your home renovations
  3. Access your home energy costs
  4. Improve energy efficiency (and reduce your energy bills)
  5. Inspect, repair and increase your home insulation
  6. Decorate with the new color of the year
  7. Choose the right paint color for your home
  8. Redecorate to fit your dream design style
  9. Paint an accent wall
  10. Create a healthier home environment for you and your family
  11. Make your fireplace and chimney safe for use
  12. Develop disaster preparedness plan & upgrade your emergency kit
  13. Rid your home of pests
  14. Upgrade your garden
  15. Cultivate an indoor garden
  16. Plant trees for better privacy and increased home value
  17. Check your home insurance policy
  18. Do a home inventory
  19. Protect your home from burglars
  20. Protect yourself from contractor scams
  21. Extend your entertaining outside
  22. If you have little ones, childproof your home!
  23. Hang some art on the walls
  24. Pre-pay your mortgage or refinance for extra savings?
  25. Refinance even if you have poor credit

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