Market NewsReal Estate April 23, 2019

Q1 2019 Metro Seattle Housing Report

Q1 data is traditionally a subtle indicator of what we might
expect for the spring selling season. However, February’s
unprecedented snow and weather conditions brought
the greater Seattle and Eastside area to a standstill for
the better part of the month. Given this unique quarter, we
find ourselves looking at the performance from the last
30 days to determine what we may expect this second
In March, Metro Seattle saw new listings increase 71%
from the previous month and at the same time pending
sales increased by 80%. Sales outpacing new inventory
confirms that buyer demand remains strong. While
average sales price was 13% higher than February, the
90-day price trend is down 3% during the same period a
year ago. Although multiple offers have returned, many
of these offers were near the asking price. This is another
indicator that Seattle’s home prices have and continue
to stabilize. Finally, mortgage rates decreased in Q1 and
continue to show signs of this trend.
Most media reports are only looking at a narrow time
period and rarely provide the full perspective of the
market. Buyers and Sellers are well advised to seek the
advice of an experienced real estate professional to gain
the specifics that will serve their objectives. I welcome the
opportunity to provide you with facts that will position you
to succeed in today’s market.