Market NewsReal Estate August 17, 2019

End of June 2019 Metro Seattle Stats

METRO SEATTLE Real Estate Market Update

July 2019 statistics with % change from June 2019
Sold Listings: 756 -1%
Total Inventory: 1,296 -10%
Average Sales Price: $892,000 —
Average Days on Market: 26 +13%

The complexity between buyers and sellers is the result of different experiences and expectations. With online data, media coverage, family & friends all providing different perspectives on the market, buyers and sellers are succeeding by utilizing experienced professionals to sift through the voluminous data available. Buyers have very specific expectations on what they are looking for, a combination of condition, location/lifestyle and price are all required. Sellers’ objectives have centered on price and they are beginning to understand that buyers’ definition of value is much more.

Knowledge, communication and partnership are critical components of today’s real estate market. I know your goals are unique I know your goals are unique. Let’s start a conversation.