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Buyer Broker Agreements

Starting January 1 2024, the agency statute, RCW 18.86 et seq takes effect. 
The new agency law requires that a broker obtain a services agreement before or as soon as reasonably practical after rendering real estate brokerage services.

When you choose to work with me, we will execute an agreement, called Windermere Form 28.B or a NWMLS form 41, which will establish Agency, as well as:

a. Pamphlet. Buyer acknowledges receipt of the pamphlet entitled “Real Estate Brokerage in Washington.”
b. Broker Appointment. Firm appoints the above-named Broker(s) to represent Buyer. This Agreement creates an agency relationship with Broker(s) and any of Firm’s managing brokers who supervise Broker(s). Firm may appoint additional brokers to represent Buyer.
c. Agency Relationship. Firm and Broker’s agency relationship with Buyer shall be  (“Exclusive” if neither is checked) >  Exclusive: Buyer may not enter into an agency relationship with other real estate firms or brokers during the Term

Ask me for a copy of the Windermere Form 28.B or NWMLS For 41 to read more